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What is now known as Stony Brook Christian Assembly in East Setauket,

New York, initially began as Full Gospel Church in 1956 at 184 Woodlawn

Avenue in Saint James, New York. The original facility in Saint James was

initially built in 1910 as the "Eagle Hook and Ladder Fire Company of Saint

James" - the first fire house within a 25-mile radius. In 1923 it ceased to be

the fire company and became more of a community hall for local

entertainment and social events. Sometime in the 1930’s the building was

purchased by the American Legion of Saint James. 

In 1956 the building was then sold to a small congregation of Pentecostal believers and became known as Full Gospel Church. In 1969 the congregation voted to become a member of the Assemblies of God fellowship and was given charter.  In 2004 the new property on 400 Nicolls Road was purchased from the

Christian Science organization in Boston, MA., and the Saint James

property was sold to a Spanish Pentecostal church from Brentwood, NY. In

September of 2005, after much renovation, the church was formally

dedicated and recorded under the new name, Stony Brook Christian


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We are a group of people who are seeking to connect to, love and serve God and we can't wait to share this journey with you.  

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