core values

1. We Are Tuned In:

We are a church that strives in everything we do to hear, follow and experience the One True Awesome God through prayer and the study of His Word.

2. We Keep It Real:

We are committed to improving our relationships on all levels no matter what. Everyone has the right to be loved and belong. A house divided against itself will not stand. Therefore, we strive to be unified in doctrine, ministry and attitude through communication, love and forgiveness.

3. We Are Evolutionary:

Life is not static. We are committed to keeping up with an evolving culture by being relevant in our ministry. By this, we continue to change and grow in Christ through the application of the unchanging, inspired inerrant Word of God. 

4. We Pay It Forward:

God expects wise management of our money and other resources

in both our personal and our congregational lives. We realize we can never out give God, so we will be faithful to honor Him through the scriptural principle of tithing and by seeking opportunities to bless others.

5. We Are a Church Without Walls:

We are more than just a Sunday morning church. We are intentional about sharing the Gospel both locally and abroad.

6. We’ve Got Talent:

We are all uniquely created by God for a purpose. We are committed to helping people discover that purpose and use their spiritual gifts to serve God. We are not intimidated by human limitations. We will step out in faith through prayer, believing God to do amazing works in our church and personal lives.

7. We Go the Extra Mile:

We believe in excellence in all that we set our hands to do in the service of God.